How long will the church service be?

Generally our church services last between 60-70 minutes.

What will a service be like?

Well hopefully you will find a blend of music between the great hymns of the faith and some more modern acoustic worship music.  Messages are relevant and challenging.  Laughter, prayer and a relaxed atmosphere characterize our worship services.

What about my children?

Well we have a nursery available for children birth to preschool.   We also have a program for Elementary and Middle School aged students who leave for The Seed and Seed 2.0 early in our worship service.   Children are also welcome to stay for the worship service as well, it’s up to you.

Will I have to say anything or give anything?

Hopefully you will sense a warm welcome when you arrive at Norton Baptist.  You will never be pointed out or asked to say anything.  Also our offering is for people who call our church “home”.  People should feel free to give to the offering, but if you are a guest you are not obligated to do so.

Have another question?

Just ask…